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Window Cleaning

Whether you’re considering window cleaning for your home or business, you want a company who will listen to your concerns such as budget, quality, safety, and time. With so much going on in your life, who has time to take care of the up-keep and maintenance of your home or business?

We at Drake Services turn this tedious task into a pleasurable experience! Our window cleaners are on time; well trained and take extra measures to protect your home or office by following written safety procedures, wearing booties, as well as covering furniture and equipment. We wash your windows inside and out, wash your screens with soap and water, wipe down your window frames and window sills, and vacuum out your tracks to get the bugs and dirt out! We are fully insured and have over 35,000 exuberantly satisfied customers.

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Pressure/Power Washing

A garden hose can only do so much, and if you attempt power washing on your own, there’s a risk of inadvertently stripping paint from your house or causing damage to the stucco. When it comes to tasks like pressure washing the outside of your home and roof washing, it’s best to entrust the job to seasoned professionals.

With a single call, you can have our experts come to power wash your roof, eaves, walls, floors, driveways, and more. We excel in removing algae, dirt, and even stubborn rust and oil stains, ensuring the job is done with precision and care.

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutters tend to be an afterthought until the rain arrives. If you have trees shedding a significant amount of debris, rainy days can spell trouble. Clogged gutters result in overflowing water, potentially damaging the paint on your eaves, causing warping or even blistering. In the worst-case scenario, the weight of debris and water can lead to gutters pulling away from the eaves or collapsing entirely.

When gutters are overflowing, water might infiltrate your walls, leading to substantial damage. This is precisely why it’s a wise decision to schedule a thorough gutter cleaning before the onset of every rainy season.

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window screen repair in jurupa valley ca

Screen Repair

Are your window screens bent, broken, or even missing? Is your screen door in need of repair or replacement? Look no further! We specialize in screen repair and installation services for a variety of screens, including window screens, door screens, patio screens, and much more.

Our screens are crafted with thick-gauged aluminum and feature all-metal corners, guaranteeing their durability and quality.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Ensure the efficiency of your solar panels by keeping them clean. Some associations suggest this loss of efficiency can go as high as 50%! Let’s err on the conservative side and say that when your solar panels are dirty, they’re not operating at their peak performance, causing you to miss out on the return on your investment. Cleaning your panels to maximize their performance is simply a smart choice.

Additionally, clean solar panels enhance the overall appearance of your home, presenting it as clean and well-maintained, in stark contrast to the dingy look associated with dirty panels.

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Blind Cleaning

Who enjoys the meticulous task of cleaning blinds? Most people don’t. But, we do!

Revitalize your blinds with out blind cleaning service by having us remove the grime and dirt that clings to them. Our expertise extends to cleaning horizontal wood blinds, faux-wood varieties, and even metal blinds. Vertical blinds are also well within our expertise.

Feel free to reach out to us for an obligation-free estimate on our meticulous blind-cleaning services!

Christmas Lights Installation

Transforming your space with Christmas lights can feel like a challenging endeavor. But fear not, we have the expertise, equipment, and top-quality products required to deliver a seamless and efficient Christmas light installation service that will leave your home or business looking absolutely stunning! Our services go beyond just hanging lights. We offer comprehensive Christmas light solutions, encompassing installation, removal, a wide array of lighting products, decorative light leasing, timer supply, 48-hour lighting maintenance to swiftly address any lighting issues, and much more.

To discover all that we can do for you, give us a call today!

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What Our Customers Say


“Drake Windows did a great job cleaning our windows and solar panels after we had our house painted. They were courteous and professional and the technician worked hard to remove paint and overspray.”


“Had Drake’s replace my screens a few weeks ago. They did an awesome job so decided to replace my screen door on the patio. Just got installed yesterday! What a sturdy frame, pet mesh so the pups don’t scratch or tear and the wheels are super sturdy.”


“Get a new outlook on life! My whole house is beaming with light today. The technician was quick and efficient and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Drake Services for windows cleaning, new screens and screen replacement.”

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