Solar Panel Cleaning

Increase the efficiency of your solar panels and their appearance with our professional solar panel cleaning service!

Solar Panel Cleaning in Jurupa Valley, CA

We understand the frustration that comes with investing in solar panels for your home and not getting the expected performance. If your home’s solar panels are covered in dirt, this may very well be the cause of your underperformance. Dirty solar panels can significantly hinder their electricity production, and not to mention, they can be quite an eyesore on your property.

But fear not, your experience doesn’t have to continue this way. Drake Services has the solution you’ve been looking for. If you want to keep your solar panels clean and operating at their peak efficiency, let our experienced professionals lend a hand!

solar panel cleaning job in jurupa valley ca

Protect Your Investment

According to the Solar Energy Power Association, dirty solar panels can lead to a significant loss in energy output, with estimates suggesting this loss could be as high as 20%. Some experts go even further, suggesting it could be as much as 50%!

The bottom line is, if your solar panels are covered in dirt and grime, they’re not operating at their best. When they’re not performing at their best, it means you’re not getting the most out of your investment. It’s as straightforward as that. So, reach out to your trusted partners at Drake Services, and we’ll gladly restore your solar panels to their maximum potential. Don’t let your investment go to waste any longer!

What Our Customers Say


“Drake Windows did a great job cleaning our windows and solar panels after we had our house painted. They were courteous and professional and the technician worked hard to remove paint and overspray.”

Get Your Solar Panels Looking New Again

If you have dirty solar panels that are in need of cleaning, then look no further than your friends at Drake Services. We have both the service you can trust and the quality that you can see. We sympathize with our customers, so bringing a smile to their face and achieving customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

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